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bonesffpraise's Journal

Bones & Co Approved Fanfiction
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Welcome to Bones fanfiction praise - complete opposite to sister community bonesffrants. This is the place to praise your favorite Bones writers / stories.

So, can I praise?

Yes, it's the place for you to share the gems in Bones fanfiction.

1. Make sure your praised story is actually Bones fanfiction.
2. Your post has to be in plain English. dOn't TyPe Liek Dis! Use periods. Don't type with CAPSLOCK on. In other words, write so people can understand you. Also big NO to extra formating (please no font size and color changes)!
3. For super long praising (if you want to suggest more stories) use lj-cut.
4. Don't disable or screen your comments. People will want to share their opinions. That also means the comments will most likely contain spoilers and might give away too much information about story.
5. Don't forget to link to the story. Don't link to locked entries (on lj) or places where people will have to register to get to read the story. We are public community and want everything accessible.
6. Don't start a war if you disagree with another member. In other words, be civil.
7. Please stick to this formating when posting your recommendation, so mods can tag your entry properly. Just copy and paste info from the box bellow, when making a post!

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