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20 February 2007 @ 08:36 pm
Thought I'd add my two cents (for now) to this fine comm. :)

Title: fractures (three of them)
Author: sezzie_dee
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing: B/B
Spoilers: Aliens in a Spaceship
Summary: "She wonders if wishing she could read him as easily as she does the corpses is the same as wishing he were dead."
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20 February 2007 @ 04:23 pm
And example post. Please stick to this formating when posting your recommendation, so mods can tag your entry properly. Just copy and paste info from the box bellow, when making a post!

Here's an example how you post should look. And an example of what good fanfiction is. ;)

Title: Hit the Ground
Author: fialka
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Pairing: B/B
Spoilers: Judas on a Pole, The Man and the Cell
Summary: "It occurs to him suddenly that the door, taken at face value, is perfectly indicative of Brennan's state of mind these last few weeks -- exactly halfway between wanting to keep him close and wanting to shut him out."
20 February 2007 @ 04:22 pm
Here's the list of places you can go:


Bones Fan Fiction Archive



You can comment here, and suggest more links.
20 February 2007 @ 03:51 pm
Once again, the title of this community should be self explanatory. Just like bonesffrants was inspired by fanficrants, bonesffpraise is inspired by iconpraise (don't mind icons, the idea is what matters in this situation) and couple of comments made in rants community.

This community is meant to be as a complete opposite to bonesffrants and instead of venting your anger at badly written Bones fanfiction, you can praise your favorite writer/story here. Assuming you have been on aforementioned community and do know that good story worth mentioning means it has
good portrayal of characters
- Brennan isn't all about kids, Booth doesn't gamble occasionally like he doesn't have any problems with gambling, Angela doesn't squeal non stop and do have another purpose in this life than getting Booth and Brennan together. And don't forget
proper grammar and formating

And as usual to prevent any misunderstandings, read the rules first and be sure to follow them! Happy praising!